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Your Bayside plumber explains whether you need pipe insulation

You’ve heard of insulating a house.

No doubt, you understand why that’s super important – especially with winter officially upon us!

But have you heard of insulating your water pipes?

While it may sound a little bit silly to you, pipe insulation serves a very important purpose and offers several benefits, which our Bayside plumbers are about to explain!

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What is pipe insulation?

Like the name suggests, pipe insulation is just that – insulation for your pipes.

Made using cell polyethylene foam, pipe insulation takes the shape of a foam pipe that goes on top of your pipes. Think of it like a foam sock for your plumbing fixtures.

And unlike many other types of plumbing improvements, these can be installed with ease – all you need to do is choose the right size and slip them over your pipes to enjoy the benefits of pipe insulation.

Benefits such as…

1) Reducing unwanted noise

Let’s face it, sometimes, pipes can get a bit noisy.

This can prove to be distracting or irritating after a while – especially if your bedroom is next to a series of pipes.

The solution? Pipe insulation.

Pipe liners are made of spongy foam, which muffles unwanted sound.

While getting your pipes and fixtures replaced entirely is obviously the ideal solution, it’s also considerably more expensive. If redoing your entire plumbing looks like it’s too far out of your price range, insulation offers an affordable solution.

Not to mention, it comes with other benefits too…

2) Keeping your water warm (and helping you save money while you’re at it!)

When water travels from your water heater through your pipes and your taps, it loses heat.

It is also why it often takes a bit of time for the water to warm up to the point that you want.

During winter this can mean that it takes even longer for your shower to heat up because the water has to run through cold pipes.

In certain circumstances, your pipes might even get a bit frosty or even freeze altogether, making the problem even worse (though not as badly as our friends in the northern hemisphere!)

This is a big issue as when water freezes,  it expands and puts pressure on the hot water pipes.

It doesn’t matter what strength grade your pipes are –  water will cause damage to them or possibly cause burst pipes as it freezes.

This is why our Bayside plumbers advise that you invest in pipe insulation.

It makes perfect sense – if your water stays hotter for longer you won’t lose water waiting for it to heat up.

You’ll won’t have to watch all the precious water swirl down the drain any longer  – you’ll have hotter water faster, and a lower water bill.

Not to mention, you won’t have to lose your fingers to frostbite waiting for the water to slowly warm up.

What more could you ask for on a cold winter’s day?

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3) Preventing your pipes from sweating

Did you know that your plumbing fixtures and pipes “sweat”?

Just to be clear, when we talk about “sweat”, we aren’t talking about water leaking out of your pipes, so you can stop worrying about calling an emergency plumber!

Rather, when we talk about pipe sweating we’re actually talking about condensation building up on the outer surface of your pipes.

That’s because when warm, humid air comes into contact with a cold surface, the moisture within attaches itself to the cold surface, taking the form of tiny water droplets.

This is the reason your bathroom windows are usually wet on a cold winter morning.

During winter, the cold surface of your pipes creates condensation as warmer air comes into contact with it.

Over time, this can cause water damage to your home.

By covering your cold pipes, pipe insulation creates a barrier between pipe and air, which eliminates sweating.

Don’t take the risk this winter –  invest in pipe insulation. Our Bayside plumbers know you won’t regret it!

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Does your plumbing system struggle to supply you with warm water during winter?

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